Music has helped us learn English.

English Music

Let it help you too. We will be your guide to the best English music for English learners.

We are collecting our favourite musicCheck our favourite music Channel

What kind of music do we play?


English from start to finish with the ocassional curveball to see if you're listening.

Great Music!

New Music / Old Music - So long as it's great music!

Pop / Rock / Indie

IOHO Some of the best of English pop, rock and Indie music.

Easy listening

If it's easy to listen to, it's easy to understand! Makes sense, doesn't it?

And the beat goes on...

Folk / Country

Toe tappingly good. Talk radio for ESL / EFL learners and teachers- Get involved.

R&B / Reggae / Other

The fresh sound of R&B, Reggae and other music. Come on! There's too much good music to tie it down to one genre, but all the music we play will be focussing on the lyrics.


There's so much talent out there. From golden oldies to new talent. From time to time we will feature particular music, countries, themes. There might even be prizes! Get involved.

Blah Blah

We think we give 110%, and we will also broadcast ESL / EFL talk radio for English learners and teachers. Get involved.
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